Indiana Jones game incoming Bethesda on the works


If you have watched the old movie, Indiana Jones and you liked it and always wanted to play the game well you are in luck. As there is good news that there is going to be an Indiana Jones game in fact there is even a trailer to go with that.

Indiana Jones game incoming Bethesda on the works

Bethesda software is known for games like Doom Eternals and other popular titles and has just announced and showcased a trailer video of the upcoming Indiana jones game they are working on.

The game is not going to follow any of the stories from the movie as confirms that the game’s story will be a standalone, different from all the movies we have seen. Bethesda executive producer Todd Howard is at work on the project and we hope it can be finished within a year or two and be released.

On the video trailer, they released you can see all the different items Dr. Indianna makes use of in his adventure. In the short video, you can find some books on the table a typewriter some documents, and the hat he lifts from on top of the whip. I can tell already from the trailer the game is going to be good. No word yet on exclusivity but it just might end up as an Xbox exclusive.


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